Services we offer:

Tank Cleaning & Repair

tank cleaning and repair

  • Water Tanks, service reservoirs, water towers.
  • Sludge Tanks & Silos
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Waste water lagoons & pump wells
  • Storm Overflow grit traps
  • Header tank & Shower heads

In terms of public perception first impressions really do count. Companies that are seen to care about their assets and what happens to the waste are viewed more favourably than those who don’t. EnviroCleanse Ltd can help you keep your systems in good working order, whilst complying with legislation. Our aim is to fulfil individual business requirements.

Asset & Filter Cleaning

asset and filter cleaning

  • Pump houses & water towers
  • Valve houses & chambers
  • Sub stations
  • Operations buildings
  • Decommissioning of plant & equipment
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Filter media removal & replacement
  • Filter nozzle cleaning &/or replacement

Assets that are looked after last longer, EnviroCleanse ltd is able to offer advice regarding the filters and most suitable media to use to ensure that effective filtration is maintained.

Following inspection of an asset a written report detailing findings & recommendations can be forwarded upon request.

Operational Support

operational support

  • Sludge handling systems
  • Filter washing
  • Installation of pump & pipework systems
  • Small & large diameter pipe cleaning

EnviroCleanse Ltd is able to offer experienced staff to assist your own established team when shortfalls in labour are predicted.

Specialist Cleansing

specialist cleaning

  • Non slip coating
  • Internal & external coatings for tanks & vessels
  • DWI Approved coatings

EnviroCleanse Ltd is able to offer advice regarding the most appropriate and cost effective coatings for individual contracts.